CRIISDC2015 & Mine4Dev workshops during AFRICOMM 2015: Cotonou, Benin / December 15-16, 2015

The 7th EAI International Conference on e‐Infrastructure and e‐Services for Developing Countries (AFRICOMM 2015) will take place on December 15–16, 2015 in Cotonou, Benin.

The conference, organized by European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), will focus on deploying efficient and effective infrastructures and solutions when limited resources are available. Policy makers and practitioners in ICT, international researchers, students and public officers are invited to discuss about e-Governance, e-Infrastructure, and e-Business, especially in developing countries.

During AFRICOMM 2015, two interesting workshops have been confirmed.

1. CRIISDC2015 workshop

The CRIISDC2015 workshop aims to cover aspects of the introduction and use of creative processes in information systems in the Developing Countries as well as issues related to creativity, as exemplified by the fundamentals, creative techniques and creative methods.

During the workshop, further co-operation possibilities will be explored and participants will have the opportunity to discuss proposals related to creativity in different areas of information systems design, development and operation in the Developing Countries.

CRIISDC2015 accepts introductory and advanced proposals in Creativity in Information Systems area.

2. Mine4Dev workshop

Mine4Dev, the 1st African Workshop on Open Data and Data Mining for Development, aims at becoming the premier forum where practitioners, policy makers and researchers meet and discuss about issues and trends, recent research, innovation advances and on-the-field experiences related to open-data and data-mining with a focus on developing countries (and more particularly Africa).

The workshop is expected to highlight use cases that are based on specific problems linked to local realities both in rural and urban areas. The objective is to unfold realistic scenarios that wisely integrate the social context (e.g. the level of education of the population and its consequences) and the technological environment (e.g. the most common communications technologies) of the concerned areas.

As such, Mine4Dev solicits high-quality short papers reporting research results and/or experimental results as well as policy proposals/emerging ideas/practice contributions on open-data and data-mining initiatives. Students are also encouraged to submit papers describing on-going work for a Master or PhD program.

For more information and to submit your paper to individual workshops, click on the links below:

Mine4Dev 2015 – 1st African Workshop on Open Data and Data Mining for Development

Paper submission deadline: 30 September 2015

CRIISDC2015 – Creativity and Innovation in Information Systems in the Developing Countries Workshop

Paper submission deadline: 30 September, 2015

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