Strong presence of Sci-GaIA at ICT 2015

From October 20 to 22nd, the Sci-GaIA project took part in the ICT 2015 event organised by the European Commission, together with the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia of Portugal.

Sci-GaIA joined forces with TANDEM (TransAfrican Network Development) and MAGIC (Middleware for Collaborative Applications and Global Virtual Communities) for a strong presence at the event.  The three e-Infrastructure related projects shared a booth and hosted a networking session.

At the booth the project representatives interacted with the visitors interested in the project activities. It registered high attendance with visitors from 19 EU and non EU countries.

The networking session was centered around the theme of Global ICT Infrastructures for International Scientific Collaboration for 2020 and beyond. It was opened by Aniyan Varghese from the e-Infrastructures Unit of DG CONNECT who stressed the importance of international scientific cooperation in this field.

The presentations given during the session may be accessed below:

The session ended with vivid debates on the deployment of research infrastructures at a global scale for 2020 and beyond.

The three projects joined forces as they complement each other. Together MAGIC, Sci-GaIA and TANDEM present unique opportunities for collaboration that our projects are actively pursuing and an excellent example of how international cooperation can be strengthened through tightly clustered groups of projects and initiatives.

  • MAGIC is promoting ICT to enable communities of practice to collaborate
  • Sci-GaIA is promoting ICT to enable scientific gateways to support the computing and data needs of communities of practice. It is creating training materials to help communities of practice and NRENs to develop their own scientific gateways. It is also promoting open science – an ICT-based approach to sharing scientific publications, data and software that will enable communities of practice to share openly the outputs of their research. This complements the collaborative ICT being promoted by MAGIC and jointly have the potential of producing exciting new platforms for international cooperation
  • TANDEM is promoting NRENs and their ICT services in the WACREN region of Africa.  The demonstrators of both MAGIC and Sci-GaIA are showing the impact of NRENs and their services in an African context and helping TANDEM to energies the dissemination of these vital services in the region

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