Take the TANDEM survey and help identify the needs for NREN services in Western and Central Africa

TANDEM (TransAfrican Network Development) is a Horizon 2020 project aiming at supporting dialogue between the EU and African Research and Education Networks, with special attention to Western and Central Africa region. Sci-GaIA and TANDEM are two complementary projects addressing the topic of Infrastructures policy development and international cooperation with a focus on Africa.

TANDEM activities aim at enhancing the dialogue between WACREN, End Users, NRENs and research and tertiary education institutes of the Western and Central Africa Region, in order to elaborate an implementation roadmap of a service portfolio answering to the End User needs. In support to these service-oriented activities, TANDEM has launched a survey to gather the End User requirements in order to establish the need for National Research and Education Networks services.

This survey therefore gives End Users the opportunity to say what future services they would like from an NREN in their country. The results will be used to guide the development of a WACREN roadmap for the future implementation of key NREN services in its region.

The survey consists of four sections: NREN Services for Education; NREN Services for Research; Networking Technology and Application Management; Personal Details and Contact Information.

Survey links:

More about this TANDEM activity and the survey here: Gathering the End User requirements.


In support of this survey, TANDEM has created  a support document demonstrating the benefits of National Research and Education networks. The document provides the following information: explains what NRENs are, lists and describes the possible services that can be offered by NRENs (network and connectivity services, middleware services, collaboration support services); explains what NRENs mean to end users; describes the role that a strong Regional Research and Education Network can play in supporting NRENs; provides an overview of WACREN, UbuntuNet Alliance, GEANT, RedCLARA, ASREN.


Sci-GaIA and TANDEM are two synergetic projects addressing the topic of Infrastructures policy development and international cooperation with a focus on Africa. The TANDEM survey is complementary to the Sci-GaIA survey that will be launched soon as part of the Sci-GaIA project activities, aiming at assessing the success of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures, as well as identifying and assessing the potential needs of new communities.