Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository Video tutorial released

Sci-GaIA has prepared and released a short video to explain how to upload research products like papers and recordings on the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository.

The video is a clear tutorial guiding you step by step in the process of signing in, submitting different type of research products (datasets, posters, presentations, publications and software, images and audio or video recordings) and reserving a Digital Object Identifier.

The Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository has the double function of being the project’s document repository (in order to comply with the EC Open Data Pilot) and the template to be cloned in many places in Africa to make science “made in Africa” more visible, re-producible and re-usable.

The Sci-GaIA Consortium has also recently released a set of “Guidelines to setup and configure an appliance for the deployment of standard compliant Open Access Repositories”, now available on the Sci-GaIa website. Sci-GaIA aims at exploiting Open Access repositories together with Science Gateways in order to deal with very important Open Science related topics such as the discoverability, reproducibility and reusability of scholarly and scientific digital objects. All this will make African science and scientists more visible and will allow the extension of the principles of the European Research Area well beyond its southern border. In this context, the project worked on a document presenting the template of a standards-compliant Open Access repository, delivered by the project as a fully-functional, reproducible, proof of principle – a contextualised template of good practice which communities can refer to or even re-use directly.

Find out more on Sci-GaIA view on and contribution to Open Science and to making African science more visible worldwide.