Sci-GaIA, TANDEM and ORCID sign a Memorandum of Understanding

On the 30th of November 2015, Sci-GaIA, TANDEM and ORCID have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate efforts to adopt identifiers and standards to manage access to and reporting of research outputs.

ORCID, Sci-GaIA, and TANDEM are non-for-profit initiatives engaged in supporting discoverability in scholarly communications and building infrastructure.

  • Sci-GaIA aims at creating a sustainable foundation of educational materials and procedures for the development and management of Science Gateways and Infrastructures in Africa;
  • TANDEM aims to support dialogue between the EU and African Research and Education Networks with special attention to Western and Central Africa region;
  • ORCID is an open and interdisciplinary community based effort to provide a registry of persistent identifiers for researchers and processes and tools for embedding these identifiers into research systems and workflows.

With this MoU ORCID, Sci-GaIA, and TANDEM commit to dialogue and cooperate on the following topics:

  • Building awareness and encouraging use of the ORCID registry and APIs in the university and research organisation repository community;
  • Encouraging use of persistent identifiers for researchers, works, and organizations in repository data systems and deposit workflows;
  • Promoting use of open non-profit research tools in new and emerging user communities;
  • Supporting non-ambiguous machine-readable and verifiable links between researchers, works, and organizations;
  • Support further MoUs with regional projects and initiatives;
  • Building awareness of Scia-GaIA and TANDEM among the e-Infrastructure community;
  • Plan and execute joint communications for awareness in Africa and other regions.

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