Sci-GaIA launches a survey on current or planned e-Infrastructures in Africa


The Sci-GaIA project has launched a survey on current or planned e-Infrastructure Applications (HPC, Grid, Cloud Computing, Data Repositories, web portals, etc) in Africa. The objective is to monitor and assess the implementation and uptake of e-Infrastructures services and Science Gateways in Africa and identify and assess the potential needs of new communities.

A potential user of an e-Infrastructure might therefore need:

  • a more powerful computer to run an application
  • a great number of these computers to deliver results faster
  • access to specialised High Performance Computing facilities
  • access to large data sources
  • access to software not available locally (see examples at the Africa Grid Science Gateway
  • to collaborate with other scientists across the world
  • access to scientific literature resources
  • to connect to specialised instrumentation for analysis
  • to connect to sensors for data collection
  • access to these facilities via a web-based portal or mobile device (e.g. the Africa Grid Science Gateway

To help us focus our work, the Sci-GaIA project invites you to assist us in monitoring the successful implementation and uptake of e-Infrastructures in Africa.

This is based on understanding the current and potential future use of e-Infrastructure by African researchers and scientists.  As a current or potential user of e-Infrastructures we would like to capture your details and your current or planned application by filling in this questionnaire. The survey is available online in English and in French.

If you would like assistance in filling in this questionnaire, then please get in touch with

This survey is part of the Sci-GaIA activities that aim at to promote the implementation of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa and beyond.