2nd Sci-GaIA Workshop – Dakar, Senegal / March 15, 2016! Register now

Registrations are open at https://indico.wacren.net/event/20/registration/

The second Sci-GaIA thematic Workshop is taking place on March 15, 2016 in Dakar, Senegal at the Hotel Novotel and it is an event jointly organised with two other projects: TANDEM and MAGIC. The workshop will be organised under the aegis of the European Commission (EC, DG CONNECT) and in co-location with the WACREN Conference 2016 that will take place on March 17-18. 

This second Sci-GaIA workshop will focus on “Promoting Open Science in Africa“. There is a huge amount of scientific work conducted across Africa on a daily basis. The outputs of this research (publications, grey literature, data, software, analysis, etc.) can have a major impact across the world. Is it possible to improve the visibility of these outputs by adopting open scientific approaches? Can the quality of these outputs be improved across the research lifecycle by access to advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)? What specific ICT services are needed by different African Scientific Communities of Practice for their work and how can these be provisioned?

This Workshop presents the opportunity to hear the opinions of leading African Scientists and to see recent advances in Open Science services that have been developed for African Scientific Communities of Practice.

The Workshop also gives the opportunity to see how Science Gateways, e-Infrastructures, Open Access Data Repositories and Research Registries can be used to support Open Science, as well as understanding the key roles and contributions that organisations such as National Research and Education Networks, DataCite, ORCID and THOR and international cooperation projects including Sci-GaIA, TANDEM and MAGIC are making to Open Science.

This Sci-GaIA thematic workshop on Open Science is organised by WACREN with the support of all Sci-GaIA project partners.

Stay tuned on the Sci-GaIA Website  and the Wacren website for the upcoming full Agenda.