100%IT provides cloud resources to Sci-GaIA

100 Percent IT is a British company that delivers secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) servers including private virtual networks. The company now provides cloud resources to Sci-GaIA using the OCCI standard through the Africa Grid Science Gateway

How it works – Each user can create as many private networks as they need with their own virtual routers/firewalls linking these networks. By default, once a project is created, the EGI_africa-grid project in the case of Sci-GaIA, it is necessary to go through a series of steps using the OpenStack API or web interface:

  • 1/ create an initial router
  • 2/ create an initial network
  • 3/ set the gateway on the router to point to the internet
  • 4/ optionally assign one or more floating IP addresses
  • 5/ launch instances

To make things easier for users, the first three steps are automated by 100 Percent IT

The final tests have been completed and now Sci-GaIA can use the cloud infrastructure provided by 100 Percent IT through the rOCCI APIs that implement the OCCI standard.