Sci-GaIA project assigned a DataCite DOI sub-prefix

The University of Catania, one of the partners of the Sci-GaIA consortium, kindly agreed to assign to the Horizon 2020 Sci-GaIA project a DataCite sub-prefix
(10.15169/sci-gaia:). This will allow minting an unlimited number of never-expiring Digital Objects Identifiers (DOIs). All the records already stored in the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository (OAR) have successfully been re-tagged with DataCite DOIs and anybody can already link the research products stored in the OAR to one’s own ORCID profile. Using DataCite DOIs, all records stored in the Sci-GaIA OAR can also be mentioned (as<unique-identifier>) in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other blog posts and get their altmetrics automatically updated.

The Sci-GaIA project is very much committed to support the Open Science Paradigm and addresses important Open Science related topics such as discoverability, reproducibility and reusability of scholarly and scientific digital objects. Therefore, the projects delivered a standards-compliant repository, fully functional and reproducible. It is the project’s document repository and a template to be cloned in many places in Africa to make science “made in Africa” more visible, re-producible and re-usable.

Sci-GaIA has also released a set of guidelines to setup and configure an appliance for the deployment of standard compliant Open Access Repositories.

The assignment of a DataCite prefix is an important milestone for the Sci-GaIA project and the last “tile” of the project’s Open Science Platform: the one that allows connecting research products to their authors and making both more visible.

By working with data centres to assign persistent identifiers to datasets and other research objects, DataCite are developing an infrastructure that supports simple and effective methods of data citation, discovery, and access. Citable data become legitimate contributions to scholarly communication, paving the way for new metrics and publication models that recognise and reward data sharing.

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