Prof. Benjamin ARIBISALA


Computer Science Department, Lagos State University, Nigeria

Short Profile

I progress my career in image analysis and computational neuroscience focusing on developing methodology for processing medical images with the aim of helping clinicians with early and improved diagnosis of neuropsychological conditions. I envisage developing my research ideas, training new generation of computer scientists / medical image analysts, establishing collaborations and securing grants to conduct in-depth and cutting-edge research in computational neuroscience. My research is multidisciplinary giving me the opportunity to collaborate with other scientists and clinicians. I combine my expertise in Computer Science, Mathematics and Medical Image Analysis to conduct clinical research.

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Use Case Description

Medical Image Processor and Repository (MIPAR)
MIPAR is an e-Infrastructure that contains image repository and image processing tools. The image repository lets users share their images with other researchers. They can upload their images so that others can have access to them and they can also download any image from the repository at no cost. The image processing tools give users the opportunity to process their images on a Distributed Computing Infrastructure. All they need to do is to upload their images and then choose the type of processing they want. The images are then processed and they can download the output as soon as it becomes available.

e-Infrastructure Services Exploited

For storing and retrieving medical images, MIPAR adopted the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository (OAR), in which specific sub-categories have been created for the use case. A DataCite-issued Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is automatically assigned by the OAR to each image to improve its findability, discoverability and reusability.

For processing medical images, the MIPAR Portal is connected to a FutureGateway API Server – developed in the context of the INDIGO-DataCloud project – which seamlessly executes jobs on local, Grid and Cloud resources belonging to the Africa & Arabia Regional Operation Centre.

The MIPAR portal is a Service Provider of the GrIDP “catch-all” Identity Federation.