Dr Olawale OLAYIDE

University of Ibadan – Nigeria

Short Profile

I am the Principal Investigator/Coordinator of the University of Ibadan Metadata Repository platform ( and The platform is the first of its kind in any Nigerian University. Through this pioneering effort, I have had the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with other institutions and organisations in Africa and Europe. As a Research Fellow, I work with metadata. My next step in this endeavour is in acquisition, archiving and analysis of Big Data. I have authored over 30 publications in form of edited books, chapters in books, peer-reviewed journal articles and monographs (,, I am the Editor of the African Journal of Sustainable Development ( I am also a Member of the Board of the International Sustainable Development Research Society ( and the Chairperson of the Thematic Working Group on Africa ( I am a Member of the African Union Commission Expert Team on the Malabo Declaration Biennial Reporting Process.

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Use Case Description

Valorization of Open Data Archive and Documentation of the University of Ibadan Research Metadata Platform (UI-NADA)
The University of Ibadan data archive and documentation (UI-NADA) platform ( was established in April 2015. It signaled the piloting of a web-based open access metadata archiving and documentation of survey datasets in any Nigerian University. The UI-NADA has recorded phenomenal hits since it was launched. This phenomenal success is the motivating factor for the proposed project on the valorization of the research metadata platform. The valorization will avail end-users a more user-friendly platform with the incorporation of citation tracking through digital object identifier (DOI) and linkage to other open access repository (OAR) platforms, including social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). It will enable more visibility and impact through the tracking, re-use and re-analysis of the research metadata.

e-Infrastructure Services Exploited

 For storing and retrieving digital assets, UI-NADA adopted the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository (OAR), in which specific sub-categories have been created for the use case: Datasets, Presentations, Publications, etc. A DataCite-issued Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is automatically assigned by the OAR to each asset to improve its findability, discoverability and reusability.

Current Implementation of the Use Case

NADA Open Access Repository (Datasets, Presentations, Publications)