Mr. Tom Nelson  Munghono

Chief Happiness Officer, 1SMILE Project.
Chief Strategist, ECAI (East and Central Africa Interpretation Services)  –

Short Profile

I consider myself a social architect with a knack for problem solving, poetry, music, and film. Skilled in Software Engineering and Business Management, my 16 years of working experience are seasoned with service to country and kindred in different capacities especially in enterprise and business development services across different countries: Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda. Currently, I serve with Doctors on Call (CEO), United Nations Global Compact – Local Network Uganda (Publicist), TLC Global Missions (Technical Director), Knowledge hub Champion (World Bank Group), Parenting in Africa Network – Uganda chapter (Chair), ARTerial Network Uganda chapter (Publicist). My passion is to promote wealth creation by supporting innovators to build their good ideas into sustainable and inclusive market ecosystems. Part of my hobby is volunteering to share knowledge resources for development impact.

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Use Case Description

1SMILE project 
Our use case is the 1SMILE project which stands for One Square Mile Infrastructure Leveraged for Emergencies; it targets ‘Boda Boda’ (a local term for “commercial motorcycles”) with a gamified approach to app design their CLE (continuous learning and education) of 1st responder (frontline Community Health Work) for this Generation-G (gaming generation). We have also borrowed from UCL’s Extreme Citizen Science framework to optimise participation of citizens in intractable, social problems like the rising road traffic accident deaths that are killing and maiming the young people; all of these Boda Boda riders are young men aged 16-30 years.

Our endgame is a community-led three-zeroes strategy: 0 Boda Boda casualties, 0 delays in accessing care, and 0 deaths.

e-Infrastructure Services Exploited

The 1SMILE application re-used the same code of the Kenya Public Health Gateway (PHG). For more information on the PHG see for example this page.


Video: Increased road accidents exacerbate shortage of neurosurgeons … view

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“Champion” video

Current Implementation of the Use Case