Obafemi Awolowo University – Nigeria



Use Case Description

A Near Real-Time Meteorological Data Depository for Atmospheric Research in Africa (OAU-MET)
Development of a remotely accessible meteorological data depository from an online server located at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). Using resources based on existing RENs this facility will allow researchers anywhere in the world to download reliable atmospheric data (in near real-time) from an array of low-cost automatic (and autonomous) weather stations to be deployed across Nigeria. This online database will be useful for the study of the atmospheric phenomena (regional climate modelling, aerosol loading and pollution, etc.).

e-Infrastructure Services Exploited

OAU-MET makes use of the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository (OAR) in which resources are manually uploaded and/or automatically harvested and ingested from the OAU-MET Science Gateway. A DataCite-issued Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is automatically assigned by the OAR to each resource to improve its findability, discoverability and reusability.

The OAU-MET Science Gateway is implemented with the FutureGateway API Server and also plans to exploit FutureGateway REST API to deal with the whole software stack of the INDIGO-DataCloud project.


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Current Implementation of the Use Case

OAU-MET Open Access Repository (Datasets), Code repository