List of Deliverables

No.TitleWP No.Lead beneficiaryNatureDissemination LevelDelivery dateStatus
D4.1Dissemination and Exploitation Plan & Communication ChartWP4 SIGMA ReportPublicM2 (30 June 2015)
D3.1Guidelines to setup and configure an appliance for the deployment of standard compliant Open Access RepositoriesWP3 UNICTReportPublicM4 (31 August 2015)
D5.1 Data Management Plan WP5UBRUN ReportPublicM6 (31 October 2016)
D1.1e-Infrastructure & Science Gateway Development Guide for NRENs and Communities of PracticeWP1UBRUNReportPublicM12 (30 April 2016)
D2.1A comprehensive framework for accreditation and pedagogical support process formalizationWP2KTHReportPublicM12 (30 April 2016)
D5.2Management - Periodic Progress (Year 1)WP5UBRUNReportPublicM12 (30 April 2016)
D4.2 First Year Events ReportWP4UBUNTUNETReportPublicM13 (31 May 2016)
D2.2Science Gateways for
African Communities of Practice
WP2DIT ReportPublicM15 (31 July 2016)
D1.2Final e Infrastructure Success and Uptake Monitoring Report with recommendationsWP1WACREN ReportPublicM22 (28 February 2017)
D2.3Outcomes of the webbased User Forum WP2CSIRReportPublicM22 (28 February 2017)
D1.3e-Infrastructure Sentinel report WP1CSIRReportPublicM23 (31 March 2017)
D2.4Energising Scientific Endeavour: Experiences of Supporting Communities of Practice with Science Gateways and eInfrastructuresWP2KTHReportPublicM23 (31 March 2017)
D3.2Science Gateway and e Infrastructure Service Provision: Update and SustainabilityWP3UNICT ReportPublicM24 (30 April 2017)
D4.3 Second Year Events ReportWP4UBUNTUNETReportPublicM24 (30 April 2017)
D5.3Management – Periodic Progress
(Year 2)
WP5UBRUN ReportPublicM24 (30 April 2017)
D5.4 Sci-GaIA Final Report WP5UBRUNReportPublicM24 (30 April 2017)