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Impacts of the Sci-GaIA project:






The above impact were measured by a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) whose target values and status at the end of the project can be inspected in this page.

KPI thresholds made Sci-GaIA a really challenging and ambitious – but also successful – project and the achievability of the objectives were constantly monitored during all its lifetime. In terms of the potential of Sci-GaIA meeting these objectives and creating a major breakthrough in the deployment of e-Infrastructures in Africa that are interoperable with those in Europe and the rest of the world, the following positive pre-conditions were key enablers:

  • The progressive deployment of the AfricaConnect (and AfricaConnect2) infrastructure, that is already happening now and will continue in the next years;
  • The very promising results already achieved by past projects, such as eI4Africa and CHAIN-REDS;
  • The many CoPs already approached and the several promising ones already identified;
  • The strong consortium;
  • The commitment of both Sub-Saharan RRENs (the Ubuntunet Alliance and WACREN).


The impact map of the Sci-GaIA project can be browsed in this page.