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All services of the Sci-GaIA Open Science Platform support federated identities. This means that users can sign in on all of them using the credentials given to them by their organisation. The services support the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard and its Shibboleth and SimpleSAMLphp implementations. They are all registered in several national Identity Federations as well as in the eduGAIN inter-federation.

The current status of federated services deployed in Africa, including those developed in the context of Sci-GaIA during its first year, is shown in this page.

If you are operating an Identity Federation/Provider and would like to let your users access any of the commons of the Sci-GaIA Open Science Platform with their federated credentials, feel free to contact

For users not belonging to any Identity Provider and for Identity Providers not belonging to any Identity Federations, Sci-GaIA offers free access to the “guest” Identity Provider IDPOPEN and to the GrIDP “catch-all” federation.