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The Triangle of Knowledge “connects” Research & Development (R&D) to Education & Training (E&T) and to Innovation. e-Infrastructures are indeed powerful platforms to enable better and faster R&D and to enable Innovation but much less connections have been established so far to E&D. Building e-Infrastructures is a waste of time and efforts if we do not “build”, at the same time, their users and one of the problems to fully establish a Global Research Area is actually the lack of new professional figures such as (big) data scientists.  

Furthermore, in order to be realised, the Open Science vision of an openly shared and fully interconnected research has to be taught to the new generations as early as possible.

So, along with e-Infrastructures, t-Infrastructures (i.e. training infrastructures) and training programmes are needed as well as Open Education Resources (OER). On this purpose, the Sci-GaIA project has set-up a service for Online Courses. The service is meant to host training and education materials related to e-Infrastructure services, e-Science and Open Science, to be eventually adopted in university curricula. Everybody is welcome to contribute with full courses and other open licensed materials. To do that, please contact