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More than a “cold” set of rules, Open Science is an attitude in carrying out scientific research. So, in order to promote it, one has to openly discuss all aspects of science and research, especially when these rely on the use of modern e-Infrastructures.   

On this purpose, the Sci-GaIA project has setup the e-Infrastructure Forum. The forum is meant to be an open environment where to discuss about:

    • Open Science Commons
    • Open Access
    • Training and Education
    • Identity Federations
    • Science Gateways
    • Applications
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Job Opportunities
    • … and much more!

Although it has been delivered by the Sci-GaIA project and mainly targets sub-Saharan Africa, the forum is widely open to external projects and to all other regions so people working in other projects and initiatives are very welcome to join and contribute to the discussions.