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Sci-GaIA activities that aim to support new and already emerging Communities of Practice:


  • Develop a collaborative web-based user-forum to help representatives of Communities of Practice (CoPs), National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and other stakeholders in the field, to communicate and share info and experiences.
    • Output: access the African e-Infrastructure User Forum here.


  • Work with emerging Communities of Practice in Life Sciences and Healthcare to help building Science Gateways and based on this, create demonstrators for the Sci-GaIA Workshops.
    • Output: access the Africa Grid Science Gateway here and get more information on the available applications here.


  • Identify and support new communities of practice.
    • Output: see here a geographic “bird’s eye view” map of where the new supported communities of practice are located and get more information on their use cases and their current status.


  • Work with universities to embed education materials created by the project in courses and projects to support Science Gateway development.
    • Output: access the Sci-GaIA Online Courses here.


The final report on communities support, D2.4 – Energising Scientific Endeavour: Experiences of Supporting Communities of Practice with Science Gateways and eInfrastructures, can be downloaded from here.