Previous projects have worked with NRENs and emerging CoPs to develop Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa and therefore some guidelines to the development of these do exist . However, these have been created in different contexts for different audiences and there is no single consolidated guide to the development of these collaborative technologies. Bringing these together requires expertise and is a barrier to the widespread adoption by NRENs and user communities. To overcome this, this WP will draw together years of experience to create a consolidated guide to Science Gateway and e-Infrastructure development for both Africa and Europe. Africa-oriented case studies will be included in order to ensure that these will be received as being relevant for an African audience. This will be supported by the development of training and educational material for both workshops and University-level courses that will be useable in both Africa and Europe.

To ensure successful outcomes, the impact of these activities will be monitored over the course of this programme to formally capture and steer development. To ensure global interoperability and interoperation, an e-Infrastructure “sentinel” will watch over other relevant activities across the world.


Create Science Gateway and e-Infrastructure development guidelines and materials for NRENs and Communities of Practice

As noted above, there are various sources of information that one can draw upon to develop elements of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures. However, one cannot use these without expert help and assistance. Using hands-on experience from previous e-Infrastructure projects that the beneficiaries of this consortium and their wider network of associates have been involved in, this task will draw together these materials (and develop others where necessary) to create a consolidated guide to Science Gateway and e-Infrastructure development. This work is aimed at two classes of end users:

  • NRENs:  the guide will show how to set up and support e-Infrastructure services such as Certification Authorities, Identity Federations, Open Access Document and Data Repositories and support for Science Gateway hosting.
  • CoPs : the guide will show how e-Infrastructure services can be brought together to support the specific needs of a CoP via a Science Gateway. This guide will also be of interest to NRENs who wish to support the development of a Science Gateway for a CoP. A variety of materials will be developed. Africa-oriented case studies will be included to ensure that these will be received as relevant for an African audience. These materials will be, for example, a combination of audio annotated downloadable PDF documents and Powerpoint presentations, along with “talking head” style video presentations.


Create Science Gateways and e-Infrastructure development guidelines and materials for educational programmes

Sci-GaIA will create educational materials based on the guides for NRENs and CoPs. Two different versions of these materials will be created:

  • For ICT-based degrees such as computer science, systems engineering, etc. that have the capacity for an e-Infrastructures module in their degree scheme.
  • For CoPs that will exemplify how Science Gateways are being used to revolutionize scientific practices in their area.

Both will include Africa-oriented case studies to ensure that these will be received as being relevant for an African audience. There are therefore two subtasks.