Sci-GaIA activities that aim to promote the implementation of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa and beyond:


  • Produce training and educational materials
    • Bring together a consolidated guide and produce training and educational materials that can be used
      • To develop e-Infrastructures by NRENs;
      • To develop Science Gateways by both NRENs and CoPs.
    • Create materials usable in educational programs by Universities in technological degrees and specific domain areas. Sci-GaIA will focus on Life Science and Healthcare and on Environment Monitoring, Agriculture and ICT infrastructure in under-served rural areas, as these are key issues for the early adoption of these technologies by African scientists and can leverage any advantageous connections and collaborations with Europe.
    • Outputs:



  • Establish an e-Infrastructure Sentinel on the global picture of e-Infrastructures in order to make sure that development made within Sci-GaIA interoperate with other initiatives worldwide.