Six (6) new Science Gateways have been created in the course of the Sci-GaIA project by and for African Communities of Practice. They join the Africa Grid Science Gateway, which is also supported by the project but was created during the previous eI4Africa project.


1. The MIPAR portal

MIPAR (Medical Image Processor and Repository) is an e-infrastructure for sharing and analyzing medical images. MIPAR comprises a medical image repository, based on the Sci-GaIA OAR, and specialized image analysis software tools. MIPAR allows users to donate, download and process medical images.

2. The Kenya Public Health Gateway

The use case aims to develop a National Public Health Gateway (PHG) to mitigate the effects of motorcycle-related accidents in Kenya, which cause more deaths than those involving bicycles and cars. The PHG comes with a web interface, through which accident data can be entered, and an app for mobile appliances that uses the GPS functionalities of smartphones and tablets and connects to the PHG metadata server to notify motorcycle drivers in real-time about them approaching/crossing dangerous areas.

3. The TTA Collaboration Platform

The Technology Transfer Alliance (TTA) is an association that promotes international collaboration through problem-oriented project-driven education based on a common pedagogical model shared by universities and partners. The TTA Collaboration Platform is intended to be a web-based platform containing an integrated set of tools, applications, data repositories that are accessed via a portal. The aim of this platform is to support collaboration and training and to foster education among the partners, sharing of all sorts of resources and dissemination of results.


4. The iGrid Portal

The iGrid project is a joint project between KTH and the University of Dar es Salaam that aims to design and implement autonomous smart microgrids for off-grid rural communities in Tanzania. The iGrid portal is interfaced to the Sci-GaIA OAR for storing documents, datasets and other research products. A DataCite-issued Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is automatically assigned by the OAR to each iGrid record to improve its findability, discoverability and reusability.


5. The PLANTISC-2 Science Gateway

Plant Tissue culture is a method for plant propagation under in vitro conditions. PLANTISC-2 is a simulation application that predicts the desired hormonal combinations using provided input data. A two variable multi-Regression is used for the prediction.

6. The AgriSERVICOMM Science Gateway

AgriSERVICOMM implements a novel communication model/platform using science gateways and e-infrastructures to achieve enhanced agricultural extension practice and improved productivity for the rural farmers.