6 New Science Gateways created for African Communities of Practice integrating the use cases supported by the project


1. Science Gateway

MIPAR (Medical Imsge Processor and Repository) is an e-infrastructure for sharing and analyzing medical images. It was developed by the team of experts in computer graphics & computer vision group of Computer Science department in Lagos State University under the leadership of Professor Benjamin ARIBISALA.

2. Science Gateway

Public Health Gateway – Kenya National Public Health Gateway

The use case aims to develop a National Public Health Gateway to mitigate the effects of motorcycle-related accidents in Kenya, which cause more deaths than those involving bicycles and cars.

3. Science Gateway

TTA Platform

The Technology Transfer Alliance is an association that promotes international collaboration through problem-oriented project-driven education based on a common pedagogical model shared by universities and partners.


4. Science Gateway

Smart Grid

Smart grid is a new paradigm that aims at making the legacy utility grid, efficient, green, reliable and secure. The term was coined in 2007 by the US congress in a bid to modernize US power grid system.


5. Science Gateway

Plantisc-2 Tissue Culture Portal

Tiusse Culture Simulator